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Fight the Global Religious Super Power website is a not for profit Men's Child Sexual Abuse By Clergy Organisation, Resource Center and support group.

Hi, I'm Michael. I'm a survivor of Institutional Childhood Sexual Abuse by Clergy. I suffer from Complex PTSD, Anxiety and Depression, and fighting the illnesses everyday can be a real chore, so I know how difficult it can all be. For me, at this stage of my life, it really comes down to taking everything one day at a time! #MeToo.

'Justice Warriors' is term and logo for this support group. I aim to have an online group meeting once a month with 'Twitter' as the platform, I will update this site with dates and times when I have this up and running.

There's a variety of resource attachments on this site, below you will find several links to the various works of Dr Stephen Wegel. I have also included a link to an article from Kieran Tapsell, an author and lawyer who wrote the book on the Pontifical Secrets, Potiphar's Wife. I won't get carried away with the work of these 2 men, but their work is really worth a read, especially for the Sexually abused, It serves as a resource to us all.

On a final note, the You tube channel I created in 2020 is an educational platform for adults who may be going through the same thing or want to learn more about the subject, 'Clerical Childhood Sexual Abuse of Children and Adults'. There is a vast range of Documentaries and Docuseries to choose from. I upload new videos to my channel almost everyday. The link is provided below.

 The catastrophe in this silent epidemic has had both current and long term social, cultural and political implications for us all. As we chip away at the everyday issues we face, perhaps one day the deeper truths behind the power of the Vatican and the Catholic Church will be revealed. There are some further resources below, Emergency Contact Information, Help Lines, Police Information Services, Men's Support Group phone number and much more. So please use the contact details below to share as much information as you can and let's SMASH the stigma associated with Men's Sexual Abuse. Please be kind to each other and feel free to email me with your thoughts, feedback and/or concerns.

You Tube: www.youtube.com/channel/UCPn3xGSZhCRX26YBmriJ0LQ 




Social Justice Warriors:

Child Sexual Abuse is a crime. Child sexual abuse by Clergy can lead to PTSD, DEPRESSION, SELF HARM, AND EVEN SUICIDE.

If you're feeling a little disassociated, suicidal or just need someone to talk to:


Anyone across Australia experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide can call 13 11 14. Someone will help put you in contact with a crisis service in your state or territory.

Visit Website

If you or someone you know is experiencing violence or abuse, you can contact 1800RESPECT on 1800 737 732 or through online chat.

This 24-hour national sexual assault, family and domestic violence counselling line for any Australian who has experienced, or is at risk of, family and domestic violence and/or sexual assault.

Visit Website

Men's Referral Service

1300 766 491

This service from No to Violence offers assistance, information and counselling to help men who use family violence. 

Visit Website

Mensline Australia

1300 789 978
Supports men and boys who are dealing with family and relationship difficulties. 24/7 telephone and online support an information service for Australian men.

Visit Website: 


Kids Help Line

1800 551 800

Free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 in Australia. 

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Beyond Blue

1300 22 4636

Information and support to help everyone in Australia achieve their best possible mental health, whatever their age and wherever they live.

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If you require assistance or if you would like to talk to a trained professional about Child Sexual Abuse, please call Kids Helpline on:

1800 55 1800.

You can also contact http//www.lifeline.org if you're concerned about child welfare.

If you or an adult or friend in need of immediate assistance call 000 immediately.




For a wide range of Documentaries and educational Videos on Child Sexual Abuse By Clergy, Catholic Church Scandals and even rare footage from the Royal Commission Into Institutional Child Sexual Abuse by Clergy, 60 Minute Docos, and Many, Many tragic abuse stories, Visit my You Tube Channel:


My Community:

https://www.GlobalReligiousSuperPower.com (under development...still) Twitter: https://twitter.com/metoo_mikey



https://www.facebook.com/Justice-Warriors-100732705272676 https://www.facebook.com/MichaelPawley71



  • Dr Stephen De Weger - Masters Paper (2016) Clerical sexual misconduct involving adults within the Roman Catholic Church. Masters by Research thesis, Queensland University of Technology

  • Description: This thesis was an exploratory study into clerical sexual misconduct within the Roman Catholic Church. It sought to describe the experiences of women and men who, as adults, had experienced this form of professional misconduct. The findings were that clerical sexual misconduct involving adults is an unacknowledged, misinterpreted and harmful event, one involving the abuse of power and which leaves lifelong scars. Contrary to common thinking, these events were not affairs between equals, but violations of professional and religious duty. Survivors are seeking transparent and genuine acknowledgment of this reality in order for their lives to fully heal.


  • Dr Stephen De Weger - PhD Thesis (2020) Reporting clergy sexual misconduct against adults to Roman Catholic Church authorities: An analysis of survivor perspectives. PhD thesis, Queensland University of Technology

  • Description: This qualitative study sought to explore and describe the self-reporting experiences of victims/survivors of clergy sexual misconduct against adults (CSMAA) within the Australian Roman Catholic Church (RCC). These under-researched experiences were then compared with Anson Shupe’s theory of clergy malfeasance and its modes and tactics of neutralisation used against those who expose institutional deviance and corruption. The findings were that while, superficially, victims/survivors were positively responded to in some way, for the most part, these adult victims are actually viewed with suspicion, mainly because of their age. Accordingly, victims/survivors experienced further traumatisation, often more impactful than the initial abuse.


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